With the Van Mossel Leasing, J&T Autolease, DirectLease, V&M Leasing and Van Mossel Shortlease & Rent labels, International Car Lease Holding is a successful provider of car leasing & rental services and trouble-free fleet management. Thanks to the high-quality service provision and creative solutions of our members of staff in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, car leasing becomes an option for anyone, regardless of the size of the fleet or business sector.  At the same time, International Car Lease Holding represents purchasing strength and benefits of scale. In other words: a direct advantage for you, both in terms of service and finance.


International Car Lease Holding is a company whose shareholders are the Van Mossel Group and the De Mandemakers Group. The Van Mossel Group is among the largest automotive businesses in the Netherlands. The group comprises car companies with leading brands on the market of private and company cars, mega occasion centres, professional vehicle damage repairs, car technology and financial services. Thanks to the close collaboration between International Car Lease Holding and the Van Mossel Group, we can offer our customers integrated services on the car market, focusing on service. The De Mandemakers Group is market leader on the kitchen retail market and has a prominent position in the fields of sanitary facilities and furniture.


A basis to build on
Like the Van Mossel Group and the De Mandemakers Group, International Car Leasing Holding and its labels are always looking for new challenges and flexible solutions. A basis to build on.

Management board

  • Directie Directie
  • Directie Directie
  • Directie Directie
  • Directie Directie

Label managers

Our label managers are the face of our strong labels. They are responsible for the continued process of allowing the 5 key values, Respect, Proactive & Customer-Focused, Development, Improvement and Synergy to penetrate deeply into the core of each label.
  • Dennis van der Weiden
  • Jan Deknuydt
  • Aemil Schellens
  • Sandra Nordhoff
  • Jean Marc de Geus
  • René Schilders

Key values

The labels of International Car Lease Holding aim to be the best provider of car leasing & rental services and trouble-free fleet management in their particular segment so as to create additional value for our customers, shareholders and members of staff. By pooling resources of our labels in International Car Lease Holding, we increase our purchasing strength, enabling us to offer our customers an even better lease product at an affordable price, with a distinct focus on service.

5 Key values

Respect, proactive and customer-focused, development, improvement and synergy are the five key values of International Car Lease Holding and its labels. These values are the starting point for everything we do, in every layer of our organisation. This allows us to let sustainability and quality in car leasing come together.

  • Respect: respect and personal attention

    In order to emphasise the personal character of our labels, every member of staff has to be accessible, respectful, open and transparent to all our clients. We also devote a lot of time and attention to working in a dynamic, sympathetic and socially committed manner.

  • Proactive and customer-focused

    Satisfied customers are vital for the profitability and long-term success of the labels of International Car Lease Holding. We will always endeavour customer focus and customer satisfaction by proactively giving advice and excellent performances and providing an excellent service.

  • Development

    We aim to offer our members of staff an attractive working environment by investing in their development through coaching and training.

  • Improvement

    International Car Lease Holding is the largest private lease company in the Netherlands, and also takes up a prominent position in the other countries where it’s active. We are determined to hold on to this position and to further strengthen it by excelling in what we do, by showing entrepreneurial spirit and by continuously improving our services.

  • Synergy

    A good cooperation between all departments and members of staff of our (sister) companies result in a synergy that will lead to quick and clear results.