Recognised car leasing brands

With the Van Mossel Autolease, Van Mossel Privé Lease, J&T Autolease, DirectLease, Westlease, Kyotolease en Van Mossel Shortlease & Rent labels, International Car Lease Holding is a successful provider of car leasing & rental services and trouble-free fleet management.
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Van Mossel Autolease
Van Mossel Privélease
Van Mossel Shortlease & Rent
J&T Autolease
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International Car Lease Holding combines leading brands in professional car leasing. High-quality combined with purchasing strength and benefits of scale.

Key values

Our labels make us the biggest private lease company in the Nethelrands. This pooling of resources enables us to realise growth and expansion.


About us

Working at International Car Lease companies

The International Car Lease companies never stand still. We want to grow even further! If you want to be part of our team and further develop and improve our services, please check out our overview of vacancies and work placements, or send us a letter of application.

Working for us