Van Mossel
Shortlease & Rent

Although the name suggests otherwise, this is a form of car rental. The advantage is that we can meet your mobility demand fast, because that is one of the most important aspects of flexible, temporary mobility: call now, drive tomorrow. And return the car whenever you want. No penalties, no risks.


You will be surprised about the price. Thanks to our comprehensive – and continuously growing – fleet of more than 2,000 vehicles, we can offer you a wide choice and are able to make use of a highly flexible booking system. This is translated in our competitive prices. Price differences with long-term leasing are getting smaller and smaller. That’s convenient for new members of staff or those on a temporary contract, for projects and temporary cars.


Van Mossel Shortlease & Rent also offers the opportunity to purchase relatively new cars on a short lease basis. The ‘rent now, lease later’ combination offers a lot of advantages too.


Van Mossel Shortlease & Rent attaches great value to a clean living environment and corporate social responsibility, which we achieve by offering a modern fleet of a wide range of makes. We have compact – and fuel-efficient – passenger cars, but also larger, more luxurious cars. Van Mossel ShortLease & Rent forms part of International Car Leasing and as such it benefits from the pooled purchasing strength and expertise in terms of maximum fleet management.

Van Mossel Shortlease & Rent summarised:

  • a fleet of 2,000 recent cars for short lease and rental.
  • not exclusively VW and Audi; more than 20% are “foreign” makes.
  • mobility solutions for a day, a year or more!
  • always a wide choice of cars, available immediately.
  • the opportunity to purchase relatively new cars on a short lease basis.
  • combinations with hire purchase are possible.
  • tax benefits by being able to plan termination/switch when government policies change.


In 2001, DirectLease surprised the Dutch car lease market by being the first company to offer lease cars via the Internet. Over the years, the website of DirectLease has become one of the most popular car leasing sites. DirectLease enables visitors to order their new lease car with a single mouse click. DirectLease offers the lowest possible rates. We distinguish ourselves by more than competitive prices alone; DirectLease is the perfect address for deals out of the ordinary. With our DirectDeals for instance, we offer more than 100 cars that are deliverable right away. DirectLease is the ideal lease partner for any size of business, from sole traders to multinationals. With its NewLease products, DirectLease offers self-employed workers without employees the opportunity to lease a car with maximum flexibility at fixed, low prices. For consumers DirectLease offers highly competitive private leasing solutions. DirectLease takes care of administrative matters thanks to its ingenious Internet portal. According to a market survey, the website of DirectLease has been the most accessible car leasing site for years now. This appreciation becomes evident not just from the growing number of visits, but also from the public awards the company has received, including that for the DirectLease fuel app.


24/7 service provision
You choose the way that suits you best to stay in contact with DirectLease. Via our website, we supplement hour high-quality 24/7 service provision with a telephone customer service. A professional and highly competent team of employees is ready to assist you, also outside normal business hours. You can of course also contact us by e-mail or instant messaging. Not only does DirectLease offer its services in the Netherlands, our offices in Belgium and Germany are also ready to meet your international leasing needs. As part of International Car Lease Holding, customers on all markets we operate on benefit from our pooled purchasing strength.


Knowing what to expect instantly:

  • providing online quotes, changing and ordering 24/7
  • plenty of special offers
  • models from stock
  • competitive prices
  • on the road fast
  • no fuss

Van Mossel Leasing

Van Mossel Leasing has been around since 1994 and originates from the vehicle unit of the co-shareholder of International Car Lease Holding, the Van Mossel Group. Thanks to our roots in the car sector, we know what we’re talking about. Professional know-how is always our starting point: knowledge of the car market, of car taxation and of finances. That is a condition for a lease company that likes to help you get on your way. Our extensive experience has resulted in a comprehensive and satisfied customer portfolio. Our customers include sole traders, small and medium-sized businesses and large companies. Van Mossel Leasing specialises in fleet financing and management. We offer you a wide range of lease constructions, enabling you to choose one that fits your preferences in terms of strategy and mobility. An excellent service, proactive sales & after-sales, high-quality advice and competitive prices characterise the service provision of Van Mossel Leasing. Among other things, their competitive prices are made possible thanks to the pooling of purchasing strength within International Car Lease Holding. Furthermore, proactive analyses enable us to give you cost-saving advice. We use online applications for this, among other things. Based on standards set in mutual agreement, Van Mossel Leasing can make excesses visible and identify them in a timely manner.


Service-oriented and personal
Van Mossel Leasing has its own sales team, but has strong commercial ties with the car dealer network of the Van Mossel Group. The personal contact with both fleet managers and drivers enables Van Mossel Leasing to come to the essence of car leasing and fleet management. According to Van Mossel Leasing’s vision, that is the concerted effort to reduce mobility costs, in the course of which the customer’s mobility (by car) is safeguarded, without loss of customisation.

The advantages for you:

  • Flexible
  • Full Service
  • Transparent 

V&M Leasing

V&M Leasing B.V. is opgericht in 1987 maar al in de begin jaren ’80 werden als onderdeel van een dealerbedrijf voor het eerst leaseactiviteiten ontplooid. V&M Leasing is uitgegroeid tot een professionele leasemaatschappij met ruim 25 jaar ervaring in auto leasing en verhuur onafhankelijk van bank of automerk. V&M Leasing is gespecialiseerd in o.a. containerterminals en olieraffinaderijen met haar speciale en afwijkende eisen en bedrijven in de regio Rijnmond. V&M Leasing heeft gekozen voor een kwalitatieve klantenportefeuille en door dit uitgangspunt vertoont onze leaseportefeuille een verantwoorde groei en een gezond aantal trouwe, tevreden klanten uit zowel het groot-, midden- als kleinbedrijf.

  • Leasing: onze tweede natuur. Prettige leasevormen is gesneden koek voor V&M Leasing. Neem een kijkje in onze keuken. Onze persoonlijke benadering zal ook u vast aanspreken. De koffie staat klaar.
  • Focus: de Europoort als achtertuin. Al meer dan 25 jaar gevestigd in het hart van de Europoort. V&M Leasing weet raad met de specifieke wensen welke ontstaan in dit dynamische werkgebied.
  • Specialisatie: maatwerkvoertuigen. V&M Leasing is gespecialiseerd in het vervaardigen van voertuigen welke heel specifieke taken uitvoeren. Dit gebeurt in eigen beheer.

J&T Autolease

When you lease a car, you want convenience and efficiency. Convenience in terms of flexible car use and improved business mobility, and efficiency through lower and identifiable car costs, administrative simplification and – last but not least – time savings. So there are various reasons to lease a car. A good lease company will try and realise a lease construction that suits you. The best lease company will look for the solution that combines both commercial motives. It will offer you maximum mobility at pleasantly low costs and it will keep you informed of your fleet. This requires not only a clear vision on mobility, but also extensive knowhow, a large and full-range fleet and various contract constructions. In other words: an expert and alert partner. J&T Autolease is that partner.


Partnership redefined
More and more businesses opt for J&T Autolease. Why? A leading external customer survey shows that J&T Autolease is among the most customer-focused lease companies. J&T Autolease safeguards this by means of its ISO 9001:2008-certified quality system. Businesses opt for J&T Autolease not just because of its customer focus. We have been advising and assisting you for more than 25 years now. Not only do we offer you the possibility to lease any car of any make, type and model, but we also offer you expert, customised lease advice or, as we like to call it, mobility advice. J&T Autolease fully understands that a distinctive vision alone will not get you there. You have to be able to honour it. Your fleet is managed by a team. Every team member looks after a certain aspect – his or her specialism – of your lease contract. You will of course have a single point of contact, your J&T Autolease lease consultant or account manager, resulting in effective, yet personal contact between you and us. You can for instance count on maximum attention and expertise. You can rely on J&T Autolease abroad as well, because our colleagues in Belgium too are there to advise and assist you. As part of International Car Lease Holding, we have considerable purchasing strength which our customers benefit from.

The advantages for you:

  • a lease company with more than 25 years of experience
  • flexible service provision at competitive prices
  • trouble-free leasing
  • focus on your own business